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Identification Plates for Drones

Identification Plates for Drones

- Identification Plates for Drones.

- Each order includes a free Holographic Waterproof sticker.

- Plate size: 86mm x 54mm x 0.2mm.

- Superlight!

- Plate material: Fire retardant anodized aluminum.

- Each plate consists of 6 plates Plate material: Anodized aluminum.

- Each of the plates is easily cut with a scissors.

- Does not include double-sided tape or adhesive for placement.

- Before making the payment you must fill in the following Form.


    Before placing your order you must fill in a form with your data by clicking Here .

    Please, do not make the payment without first filling out the form.


    The processing time for the plates is de 24/48 hours. Regardless of the type of shipping you choose, we will not be able to ship before that period. Be patient pilot, the wait will be worth it.

Sales Tax Included
Colour: Black